Canines Get Dementia Too

Things to consider with your beloved dog is that fact that they experience many of the diseases and conditions that humans do.  It’s easy for us to forget that fact or if you are like I was, we are sometimes surprised about it.

The truth is that canines and humans are quite similar in the health conditions they face through life.  This is true when you hear of canine cancer, diabetes, and certainly dementia.

Please read through this site to gather important information about Dog dementia AKA dogzheimers and learn how you can help your furry friend in the event that dementia is a condition he or she becomes afflicted with.


Don’t Forget Us at Dementia Dogs

Anyone who loves their fur-baby knows how difficult it is to see them age and watch them change in personality due to physical pain, illness, or medical conditions, similar to what happens when people get older.  The struggle in most of the cases for dogs is understanding the problems they are experiencing being that they have no language that we can understand.

Fortunately, the relationship  between canines and humans as well as the cognitive thinking of a canine has been studied at great lengths in the last several years.  While there is still much to learn, we have come a long way in our understanding of them in the way they communicate via their body language.

We at want to help you with your beloved pet at that time when he or she starts that inevitable transition from the pup and friend we love with all of our hearts, to the older dog whom we actually love even more, even though they are changing in character and personality due to age.  We will provide information about dementia in dogs along with other conditions as well as ways to care and continue to train them in a way to help them in their senior years.

So please wait while we build our site and don’t forget to come back here to Dementia Dogs.